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01/Basic data            
Sexual Distinction:

Educational Background:
ID Number:
Marital Status:
Married Not Married
Major economic sources:
Salary Cause Investment Others
02/Business Experience
Business Experience of Other Brands for Baby's Clothing and Home Textile: Yes  Year   No
Name of Products
Place of Origin
Operating Hours
Modes of Business Operation
03/Development Plan
Store / Address for Plan:  *
Cabinet Type: Shoppe Speciality Stores Shops in Shop Both of the three *
Business Fund: Ten Thousand
Funds in the Hands of the Localities: Ten Thousand  
Bank Borrowing: Ten Thousand
Pool Capital: Ten Thousand
Bussiness Plan: Plans to Open Stores within a year.Room Shoppe Count
The Time of The first Store Expected to open :
District Investigation: Residential district Business zone Business mix Administrative Region Hospital district Other properties
04/Local Market Survey
Local First Level Shopping Malls Count   Name:
Local Second Level Shopping Malls Count  Name:
Local Shopping Street Count   Name:
Have Jioned Other BrandS Count   Name:
Urban Residents' Income(China元/月Month)  More than 4000 Yuan Accounted for %   1500-4000 Yuan Accounted for %  Less than 1500 Yuan Accounted for %
Purchase Habit     Buy in Shopping Malls Accounted for % uy in Speciality Stores Accounted for % Buy in Baby Store Accounted for %
05/Information Source
The of Getting the Information Newspaper Magazine Friend Introduce Shopping Malls and Stores Exhibition hall Others *

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