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Natural plant dye - dye can drink healthy!
Extracted from gardenia, coffee, tea, pomegranate, madder, walnut, chestnut, oranges and other plants pure soft natural colors, environmentally friendly, green health, safety and environmental protection, to bring you tranquility, taste life, but also has antibacterial health function, it is the thousands of years of fine traditional culture inheritance.

The natural plant dyeing industrial
With the growing emphasis on environmental protection, plant dyeing has become increasingly urgent market demand, especially the high-end market demand has emerged.
Suitable areas: high-grade silk products, health underwear, textile products, infant clothing supplies. And other fields have broad prospects for development.

Yuanzhen natural plant dyeing industry.

Fresh and elegant color return to nature and the environment can give you a sense of total vegetable dyes
peek into the United States! 

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